What does Shri Ram likes to eat?

After Marriage, One day Sita asked to the mother queens about the favourite food of Shri Ram. One mother said Ram likes Halwa(desert) a lot. Another said, Ram likes Kheer(another desert) the most. Third one said, he likes to eat the laddus(one more desert) most. They all start to fight with each other.

Seeing this Sita started to smile. When they saw that, they asked the reason of smiling like this. Sita said she has figured out what does Shri Ram likes the most to eat. Surprisingly, they looked at her and asked, we are not able to decide yet and you have already figured it out, tell us what is it?

Sita said, Ram likes love a lot. Anything cooked with love is the most delicious dish for him, He is fond of Love.

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