What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a very common word used now a days. What is it actually? Does it really work? What is the guarantee that it works? If it’s really that much powerful then how to achieve it?

So many questions around it. There are so many articles/videos available regarding it. But, in simple words if we want to define it, its a way to achieve/fulfil our wishes. As per book “The Secret”, It’s said that Universe is like a Ginnie, who is just waiting for our commands. Whatever we need we can ask to it. Is it that simple? There should be some things, we need to take care of.

As per “The Secret”, it’s said “Thoughts become Things” that means our thoughts are very powerful. Whatever we think, can come into existence. Good or Bad. So that we have to be cautious about our thoughts.

Another thing is to trust the process, It’s kind of a magic but not very quick, it takes time. So, being patient is an important part of process. Don’t lose hope, just give it sometime and it will be fulfilled for sure.

The other thing we need to keep in mind is there is a difference between manifesting something and being desperate. Things will take place as per their pace, we just need to trust and wait for it, like we do for Christmas. We write letters and know that Santa will give us presents on Christmas Eve. So just wait for it patiently.

That’s it, I hope these things make the concepts clearer. Keep Manifesting and keep achieving 😉

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